At St Brigid’s we aspire for all our students to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We have a rich and enticing NZ Curriculum on which to base our classroom programmes.
We value the time and commitment students show when engaged in activities beyond the classroom
and value this contribution by allowing classroom time to support them.

We also offer a variety of curriculum opportunities beyond the classroom such as:

Trips and Activities: Year 1-8

The greater Wellington area has a vast array of educational opportunities which we are fortunate to be able to be a part of.

Dinosaur visit



Opportunities for Year 7&8 Students

 Technology at Newlands Intermediate
Students attend classes for 2 hours
per week in:

Food Technology
Hard Materials
Digital Technology
Creative Art and Craft
– Languages: Spanish, Japanese, German

– Speakers: we incorporate opportunities into our programmes for people to share their careers with students and links to education.

Maths: Year 5-8

  • Otago Mathematics Problem Solving
  • Mathswell Problem Solving Competition


Extension Writing:

Writing extension is for senior students with a passion for crafting language and an interest in exploring the power of the written word.

Our focus for Term 2 will be on effective voice
and dialogue within creative writing. We will be taking on a range of exercises before working together on a major script writing project.

In Term 3 we will have the opportunity to work with our drama club to bring our script to life.


Chess: 6 weeks of lunchtime tuition for keen
chess players.  These players may also have the opportunity to participate in local competitions.

Chess image

Science:  The Science Award Trust

  • Year 3-4 students – Science Activity Challenge.
    Students choose one of four topic sheets and a certificate is given by the science coordinator once all activities are completed.

  • Year 5-6 students – Science Certificates.
    Students choose eight activities from a total of 32 available and a certificate is given by the science coordinator once all activities are completed.

  • Year 7-8 – Science Badge.
    Students choose a badge ‘topic’ from a total of 24 available and then complete tasks amounting to at least 20 points on an activity sheet.
    These tasks are marked by the science
    coordinator and a badge & certificate is awarded on completion.

Science image