Some procedures that may be of interest to you

Definition of Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the integration of the academic, social and religious dimensions of a school’s energy so that an atmosphere of care prevails within the school community.

Cybersafety Procedures

St Brigid’s School requires all students to sign a Cybersafety Agreement each year as part of our Cybersafety Procedures, as a measure to safeguard them when using the school computers. 

Emergency Information for Parents

Our school has an Emergency Plan that sets out procedures to be followed in the event of a major emergency.

Procedures for Keeping Children Safe from Bullying

St Brigid’s School is committed to ensuring a physically and emotionally safe learning environment for all students.

Attendance Procedures

Non-attendance at school has been identified as a major barrier to learning and a significant indication of at risk students.
It is the right of all students to attend school and the responsibility of parents / caregivers to ensure attendance of all children up to the age of 16.

Complaints Procedures Review

Our guidelines for the correct procedure to follow for concerns or complaints.

Procedures for child protection

This procedure outlines the process the school takes if disclosures are made by a student.

Managing Challenging Behaviour and Physical Restraint Procedures

The Board of Trustees ensures that effective procedures are in place around the management of student behaviour and the use of physical restraint to keep everyone safe.