Performing Arts

School Assemblies

Kids for assembly

Each fortnight we hold a school assembly at the Johnsonville Community Centre and our school newsletter
informs parents of which class is organising the assembly for the week.  These assemblies provide students
with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the varied aspects of the Performing Arts, in a
relaxed and friendly school environment.  Parents are always very welcome to attend these assemblies.

Artsplash Choir

Two of our teachers teach the choir the songs for the Artsplash Festival at the Michael Fowler Centre in September each year.  This festival is a young people’s Arts Festival run by the Wellington City Council, that brings together primary and intermediate schools throughout Wellington to celebrate dance, music, drama, visual art and wearable art.

 A big thank you to Amanda Prowse and Monika Goel who prepared 50 students from Years 3-6 to perform along with other school as part of the massed choir this year. We are all very proud of the hard work these students have put in over the last two term to learn all the songs, including one song in sign language.  They all sang with with enthusiasm and sounded amazing.



Music Group & Choir

Fiona Kearns & Lynne Candiliotis are thrilled to have the opportunity to coach a school music group each year. The talented group comprising of violins, guitars, keyboard and flute, accompanies the choir to lead the singing at our school Masses. This group will continue to learn new songs throughout the year.



Every year we finish Term 3 with this wonderful event, coordinated by the Student Leadership Team, that showcases an amazing variety of talent in the Arts from students throughout Teams Tahi, Rua and Toru.

Our students enter the talent quest by sharing an item, such as: a song, a group dance, playing a musical instrument.  The student leaders and teachers select performances for the finals on the last day of the term at the Johnsonville Community Centre.