RE Curriculum

We aim to develop Religious concepts through meaningful contexts so that students can understand and see their relevance and use these Religious ideas in their everyday lives.

This year we are using “Respect” as our overarching theme. 

Each term has a particular “big concept focus” which link to these specific school values:

Term 1 Human Dignity – I am beautifully made in the image and likeness of God
Value: Inclusiveness – Understanding, Tolerance, Valuing Diversity
Term 2


Term 3

Participation – We are called to be shapes of history, not just passive recipients of someone else’s decisions
Value: Courage – Excellence, Integrity, PerseveranceSolidarity – I am my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper
Value: Love – Justice, Service, Compassion
Term 4 Stewardship – I am a kaitiaki of God’s creation, living sustainably and enhancing the well-being of our planet
Value: Faith – Wonder, Joy, Hope