Enrolment Information

Please note: All enrolments for 2020 have been closed as our maximum roll for next year has already been reached.
Any further Catholic enrolment forms received for 2019 will be placed on a waiting list in order of the date they are received at the school office.

Due to the full roll we are unable to process any non-Catholic enrolments at this time, however you are most welcome to submit an enrolment form and it will be placed on our non-preference waiting list.  More information can be found here on our Procedural Statement Managing Student Enrolment


Process for Enrolment

Due to the high number of applications we receive each year, we recommend that you enrol your child
as close to his/her 3rd birthday as possible. 

1:  Contact the school office for an enrolment form to be sent to you or click the ‘Enrolment Form’ link to download a copy: Enrolment Form.
2: Complete and return the form along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate if your child was born in NZ or passport if your child was born overseas.
3: For all Catholic enrolments: You will need to contact the Parish Office on 04 4787 137 or email: ohariuparish@xtra.co.nz to arrange for a Preference Certificate to be signed by Fr Peter Roe.  A copy of this certificate can be downloaded here: Preference Certificate
4: A copy of this certificate will be emailed by the Parish Secretary to the school office.
5: New Entrant enrolments are approved by the Principal around May of the year prior to your child
turning 5 years of age.  
6: For all approved enrolments, a letter offering a place in our school will be sent to parents. 
7: Parents sign and return the slip at the bottom of the letter to confirm that they accept or decline
the offer of a place for their child.  This slip needs to be returned to the school office within 1 month of the date of the letter or the place may be offered to another family on our waiting list.
8: A New Entrant pack containing school visit dates and other school information is sent to parents two
months prior to your child turning 5 years of age.  School visits are usually on the two Wednesdays prior to your child’s 5th birthday.